Trailer Requirements


Effective 12/1/93, all new trailers 10,000 lb. GVWR, 80" wide and more, must comply with specific conspicuity regulations:

Retroreflective Sheeting:

  • Alternating red/white with each color at a minimum 2" high and 6" to 18" long.
  • One color cannot exceed 2/3 of the total segment.

Side Markings:

  • Red/white 15" to 60" above road or as close as practicable.
  • 3" from any required amber side lamp.
  • Can be broken segments, but evenly distributed to cover 50% of side.

Rear Markings:

  • Red/white full width at 4' above road, and full width on horizontal underride protector.
  • 12" long white sheeting "L" shaped in upper corners.
  • White sheeting must be 3" from any required red lamp.